Cava di Marmo Giallo Siena
Duomo di Siena

The Montagnola Senese (low Sienese Mountain) has been an important quarrying site over the centuries, it is located in the heart of Tuscany and it's from this area that the most precious marble such as Yellow marble from Siena, Ivory Siena, Yellow Nuvolato Etrusco and Broccatello (rare yellow marble with violet hues) are extracted even today.

These precious kinds of marble because of their uniqueness and beauty have been used in buildings and monuments all over the world, among them Siena's Cathedral is a magnificent example.

Over the years the company Granital Siena a leading firm in marble quarrying, has been carrying out a successful strategy which conjugates managing abilities and business with the respect of rules and the environment. The beauty of the marble we produce can be admired in the most prestigious locations and the most refined interiors.

Mosaici Duomo di Siena Arte Opere

YELLOW SIENNA MARBLE QUARRIES - marble blocks cut and tell, granules, powder of marble, calcium carbonate, stabilized, pietrischi, products for livestock use